We have finally had some time off and have now had the chance to catch up on some long overdue marketing plans; mainly create a new website!

Over the past few years we have grown into other areas of the fun foods business expanding the range of food stations, carts and stalls we offer.  With this in mind, and well over 10 years since our first site was made, we thought we should expand our existing site and were probably well overdue a rebrand at the same time!

Our new brand represents our vintage and rustic style stalls, it is also supposed to convey we believe in good old-fashioned service!

Take some time to have a look at some of the photos we have taken in the last year and the many new products we have on offer.  Feel free to pick up the phone, text, email or whatever you prefer if you have any enquiries or believe we could help you with your next event.

This is just the start as we have many other stalls on the verge of being finished, we are looking forward to showing these off very soon.  By the start of the summer we aim to have the following stalls ready to go:

  • Hotdog stall
  • Strawberries and cream stall
  • Lemonade and cordials cart
  • Pimms and prosecco
  • Mulled wine
  • Tea and biscuits / Cream tea cart

So its good bye to the old logo and hello to the new!