Quite a new addition to our fleet our pick and mix cart is available to hire for your event. It’s a bit different to other stalls out there on the market and we think it look great!

This isn’t just any cart though, this is a designer cart from Jimmy Chew! (we couldn’t help ourselves).

The cart come with a nearly 30 kilos of sweets for you guests to enjoy, we never scrimp or penny pinch at any of our events. As you can see from some of the pictures it really is fully loaded.

We have several of these carts so whatever sized event you are planning we can help.

We haven’t been asked yet but as with all our items we can brand them and change them to suit. You want it a different colour, we’ll sort it. You want it without the wheel? Let us know and we’ll sort it!

We have accounts at all the major wholesalers and can pretty much get any sweet you can imagine.

fete wedding pick and mix

Out top 20 pick and mix sweets are as follows:

  • Foam mushrooms

  • Jelly beans

  • Flumps – marshmallows

  • Cola bottles

  • Fizzy cola bottles

  • Fried eggs

  • Flying saucers

  • Fudge pieces

  • Foam shrimps and Bananas

  • Drumsticks, love hearts

  • Jelly babies

  • Jelly rings

  • Chocolate mice

  • Strawberry milkshakes

  • Sour cherries

  • Giant Strawbs

  • Fizzy Dummies

  • Sherbet lemons

  • Jazzies – chocolate discs with hundreds and thousands

Hire a pick and mix cart for the following events:

  • Schools special treat for leavers etc.

  • Cinema evenings – the perfect accompaniment together with popcorn

  • Birthday Parties – kids or big kids

  • Corporate Family Fun Days, Christmas parties – you will be number one employee if you book a cart with free sweets to eat!

  • Promotional Events – great for exhibitions as a way of attracting people to your stand – grab a bag, have a chat about new business

  • Weddings – kids and adult love dipping in and choosing sweets, reminiscing about the sweets they used to eat when they were kids. A sure-fire hit!

  • Themed nights – we did a fantastic Christmas event this year, think Victorian Christmas or winter wonderland.

So, if you need a sweets stall, candy buffet or pick and mix cart then look no further, pick up the phone and give us a call.


Mr Candy Floss